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red engineering - mechanical design


We offer complete mechanical design solutions for several types of products, based on the requirements imposed by the customer.


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red engineering - finite element analysis


We offer complete Finite Elements Analysis services, in order to compute the strength of simple or complex structures. We analyse and provide a prediction of how a part, material or structure responds to several types of loads (structural and/or thermal), fact that shortens the time demanded for product design and development.

Softwares: ANSYS Structures and Fluids

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red engineering - robotics


We provide analytical and numerical solutions for robotic structures that respond to the application requirements. Based on the clients desires, we offer structural synthesis, kinematic and dynamic analyses both for compliant or rigid structures. We enhance the characteristics of the final products using both the expertize of our team and, moreover, using certified optimisation methods (mostrly based on artificial intelligence). The developed structures are modelled directed in Matlab/Simulink software or imported from CAD models.

Softwares: Matlab/Simulink.

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red engineering - robotics

Technical Trainings

We offer customized training plans for Automotive industry

Starting with 2006, we developed a close cooperation with famous research institutes, technical universities and automotive industry.
Based on our experience and passion for research and development in the field of Mechatronics, we offer a wide range of technical trainings and workshops:

- Design and Simulations (Power Dissipation, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Layout design);
- Validation & Reliability;
- Power electronics and microelectronics (Power Supplies, Analogic circuits);
- Communication protocols;
- Control, power management;
- Automotive electronics: sensors, control units;
- Automotive mechanics: combustion engine, fuel cells, actuators;
- Automotive manufacturing: machine learning, AI for manufacturing;

We are open for new challenges and please feel free to contact us if you need a customized training plan.

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